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Our professionals always endeavour at their fullest to allow babies to grow up in a pleasant setting, encouraging their personal development in a restful, comfortable atmosphere of enjoyment. Our products are designed and manufactured to allow your children to enjoy them with the peace of mind of knowing that the utmost safety is assured.

Why choose
Amelia Aran?
Because you are a parent
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Design
  • Durability
  • Competitiveness
  • Experience
  • Service
Because you too were a child
  • Fun
  • Learning
  • Experimentation
  • Rest

In order to offer kids the best during their early stages of life, at Amelia Aran, S.L.® we implement strict quality and manufacturing controls in all divisions in line with European regulations. Internal controls enable us to ensure our products stand out on the market.

In addition to quality, safety is another vital factor to all our products. Our safety checks look into all potential hazards posed by little ones using various elements and solutions are implemented to prevent such hazards.

The design strives to achieve clean, long-lasting decoration for babies’ rooms. At Amelia Aran, S.L.® we endeavour to ensure our furniture has a smooth, robust finish and lends a warm, discreet atmosphere providing kids with a peaceful setting. The same is true of our textile and layette range, as well as our accessories.

This constitutes a vital pillar to our business approach. Assuring our furniture and other ranges remain in pristine condition for longer is paramount for Amelia Aran, S.L.®, especially when it comes to achieving customer satisfaction thanks to ensuring quality and durability while offering value for money.

This is another factor for which our products stand out. We strive to offer the greatest quality whilst endeavouring to offer the best possible price.

Amelia Aran, S.L® has been operating in the children’s decor sector since 1998. We have our own design division and have received a number of awards thanks to our original designs, our finishes and the outcomes achieved by adorning settings offering children and young people a suitable environment with our products.

The Amelia Aran sales network includes more than 200 outlets each of which apply our company philosophy to offer the utmost quality for all our products. Our after-sales service is on hand for any incident or query customers may have. Lastly, we greatly value what you have to say; as a result, we operate a customer service department for all your needs and opinions.


As specialists in children, at Amelia Aran we are aware of how important amusement is to a child’s emotional and physical development. Accordingly, and since we know that amusement is the best way for children to communicate with the world during the early stages of development, our entire range of products has been conceived and designed to form a hazard-free part of their everyday amusement and fantasy. The colours, shapes, textures and accessories are all conceived in such a way that children will adopt these items as their very first toys.

In the small universe children occupy from their first months until they gain some independence, their setting is restricted by and large to a domestic environment, particularly formed by areas where they play and the bedroom. It is vital for the furniture and other common elements surrounding them to foster their ability to learn about their body’s abilities, their interests and preferences, their own domain and their ability to devise ways of achieving their aims right from the outset. This is a top priority taken into consideration by Amelia Aran when conceiving each new product.

This is the third aspect of a child’s development during the first years. It is useful for children to constantly receive stimuli allowing them to experiment with what lies around them, without any hazard being posed, of course. Colours and shapes, motion, repeated actions using objects all put the resistance of any item forming part of children’s everyday lives to the test. Amelia Aran's products are designed and manufactured under trying conditions for children, assuring the utmost durability.

One of parents’ foremost concerns should be ensuring a baby gets plenty of quality rest. A calm, pleasant setting with furniture designed to provide children with pleasant dreams, and smooth, cosy bed linen is possible for parents thanks to the full Amelia Aran range of products.