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 Buzón AA: Plantéanos tus dudas 
A different philosophy
Years of experience and a devotion to a universe so special; namely, children – a world which goes beyond commercial relations and in which the key players are the most cherished and important factor to our clients – has led us to conceive our business from a unique perspective and one we would like you to become acquainted with.
  • Encourage a smile
  • Helping the little ones to develop
  • Magic touch
  • Value for money
  • Continual improvement
  • The most highly qualified professionals
  • Fulfilling client relations

Encourage a smile
We at Amelia Aran, S.L.® form a large family working to achieve one sole goal: making everyone involved with our products smile. We particularly strive to ensure children smile, but also to ensure parents smile when they see their children enjoy being in pleasant environment. We also want our customers’ friends to raise a smile when they receive one of our products as a gift.

Helping the little ones to develop
All our products are created and designed to convey tranquillity and comfort that children need, though they are also conceived to ensure children show intrigue and the desire to play. These elements combined are vital to help children develop suitably.

Magic touch
In the case of furniture, steadfastness, quality, design and the finish combine to achieve a magic touch that can be observed merely by running your hand over the item in question. This is achieved thanks to an endeavour when choosing the best wood and in the application of lacquer. In the case of textiles, it is the colours, textures, blends, seams and the choice of fabric which go to lend our products superior quality. In addition to this, the details, the perfect finish and the attention to design are all characteristics of our range.

Value for money
With our various collections, we strive to offer the best value for money at all times without compromising quality. Our customers will always get the best value and the utmost quality in all the various collections we offer. Years of experience and research have helped us to achieve this goal.

Continual improvement
Conformism is not a word that forms part of the Amelia Aran, S.L.® vocabulary, no matter how high our quality standards may be. For our products we look for the best raw materials and optimise the production process. During production we keep a close check on quality and safety; in terms of logistics we strive for efficiency; in our warehouses we make efficient use of space and, lastly, we constantly monitor the ultimate position of our product on the market.

The most highly qualified professionals
Ever since our company was set up, we have always been fully focussed on implementing modern, flexible and, especially, efficient management of our resources allowing us to adapt to our clients’ expectations. In order to achieve this, we strive to work with the best professionals.

Fulfilling client relations
For everyone working at Amelia Aran, S.L.® it is vital for our clients to consider our company as one that endeavours to achieve fulfilling relations with its customers. We want our clients to become well acquainted with us and we want to know about our clients. This is achieved thanks to two-way communication, giving rise to a deep level of trust.